WizGear Universal Ring Holder Grip with Stand Holder for Any Smartphones and Device with 2 Base Mounts

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Smartphone Mount Holder with Finger Support Cradle!

• Are you having problems with preventing your phone from Accidental drops and sudden falls while handling it?

• Does your phone have the tendency to slip out of your hands due to its glossy back?

If yes, then the WizGear Finger holder for cell phones with mount is the perfect solution for you!

The Problem; Due to the increased competition between Smartphone manufacturers and their need to provide elegant looking devices, there has been an increase in the creation of mobile phones and other smart devices that possess a high tendency to slip. From Modern Devices, handling most new devices with the bare hands has not only become risky but dangerous as well. To offer a solution that addresses this problem we designed this all-new WizGear Finger holder for cell phones with mount.

The Solution; WizGear Finger holder for cell phones with mount is an innovative solution developed for protecting and preventing your smartphone from Slips and accidental drops, at all times. It is manufactured with premium materials and features a finger support cradle of resilient build quality that helps to provide effective prevention from accidental falls. The unique finger support cradles enhances the functionality of the holder and mount when used. The finger holder for smartphones is extremely flexible and is compatible with regular finger sizes to enhance better handling and promote one-hand use.

You can slide in your finger into the smartphone Finger holder to either handle or control your device, without experience any handling difficulties. The smartphone holder also helps to shield the screen of your device from cracks and shatter arising from impacts.

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