WizGear Air Vent Car Mount Holder Cradle for Smartphones - Retail Packaging - Black

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$ 19.99 $ 29.99

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WizGear the best Air Vent Car Mount Smartphone Holder ever! Are you having troubles with dashboard smartphone mounts? For example it blocks your driving view? Do you need a better and more convenient alternative? Well look no further because this Wiz Gear Air vent Universal Smartphone Car Mount holder is exactly what you need! Out of a pressing need for an effective Air vent mounting for smartphones and other devices, we designed and manufactured the Wiz Gear Air Vent universal Smartphone Car Mount holder Cradle. This produce brings in a new dimension of convenient and effective usability for mounting your devices in the car. As an innovative Smartphone car mount, this universal Car Mount Holder provides you with a new and equally effective mounting solution and experience, especially to your everyday life. The device allows you to mount your smartphones with or without a case. One striking feature of this mount is its one touch push system, which allows for easy release and easy mounting. This feature adds an extra inch of convenience when using the mount and provides effective relief to all forms of difficulty experienced with other mounts. This Wiz Gear Air Vent Universal Smartphone Car Mount holder can also be tilted in a variety of positions as desired or required. As a result of its round head feature which allows for 360 degrees rotation, the mount can be tilted to the right, up, down, and left; hence giving you a convenient opportunity to use your phone. Instructions how to set up the Mount 1) Push in the air vent mount in your air vent car 2) put it on the good position that's the best for you view. place you phone on it, push up the upper side mount with your phone and then the lower side of the mount. And you are good to go!

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