WizGear Universal Ring Holder Grip with Stand Holder and Magnet for Magnetic Car Mount for All Smartphones and Devices (2 PACK)

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Make Your Phone Stand Out & Safeguard It At The Same Time!

Do you use your mobile phone’s GPS navigation a lot? How about hands-free calling?

Either way, you certainly need a solution that will provide you with more comfort and control while using your smartphone and also prevent falling or slipping accidents!

We’ve got exactly what you need!

Presenting The WizGear Finger Loop Holder! Innovational & Multi-Purpose Design!

With this phone holder, you can use literally every finger to hold your device in place while rotating it either 180 or 360 degrees.

Watch videos, landscape images or movies without fearing slipping or falling accidents or use the ring as a stand or hook for your electronic device.

Plus, this magnetic phone ring can also be used as a magnet to securely place your phone on your WizGear car mount!

With a durable design made out of metal, it can hold any smart device up to 6 kilograms, including phones, laptops, tablets, power banks and much more!

A Variety Of Colors For Your Own Personalized Phone Holder!

Choose between gun black, rose gold, silver or gold and shield your phone from slipping through your hands while taking pictures, talking on the go or playing games.

With our ground-breaking design, you won’t have to use two hands anymore to use your phone and your phone will not fall to the ground when you’re using only one! Instead, you will experience unrivaled one-hand handling and improved control on every occasion!

Wash It And Use It For A Very Long Time

If you decide you don’t want to use it for some reason, simply remove the phone ring from your device and wash it with water. Store it and reuse it when it’s dry!

Knowing that our smartphone ring mount comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, what’s stopping you from making it yours right now?

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